About Us


The authentic traditional soba in Japan

Ueda-no-sato is a restaurant that was built since 15 years ago. Located in Minamiuonuma and surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, Ueda-no-sato offers not only delicious food but also experience in learning to make Soba, one of authentic Japan’s traditional noodles

The fresh ingredients such as Buckwheat flour, funori (type of seaweed), Japanese yam are all made from best quality in Minamiuonuma region.

There are some seasonal Soba workshop, that let you experience making soba and taste the soba afterward.

For more information :

Address 2970-1 Nagasaki, Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025 – 782 – 1197

How to get there :

Get on Joetsu Line or Hoku-Hoku Line from Echigo-Yuzawa Station, and get off at Muikamachi Station. Change to Shimizu Line buses (or Sawaguchi Line) for 20 minutes and get off at Kami-Nagasaki. About 1 minute walk from there.


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