Summer Workshop with IUJ student


On 25 May 2018, the students from International University of Japan visited our restaurant to experience making Japanese soba. They enjoyed the workshop very much.


I learned how to make soba dough, it’s such a great experience. After making the soba noodles, you can enjoy delicious and fresh taste of soba, which was made by your own. It is so appetising that I can eat soba the whole day. I plan to visit this place again if I am somewhere around! – IUJ student


This is my first time to make Japanese soba. What I liked most of all is that later you can eat soba made by your own. Oishi 😊 I tried cold soba, and I will definitely come here to eat hot soba in winter – IUJ student

You can see how the foreign students learn the secrets of making soba noodles :

Do you interested experience and know all the secrets of making soba? Let join our workshop!


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